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6 Top Considerations When Choosing Pendant Lights For Your Home

pendant lights

Did you know that investing at least $2500 in lighting can have significant returns on your home value?

Homeowners are increasingly investing in lighting to illuminate their homes and achieve an aesthetic purpose. Pendant lights are some of the modern types of lighting that are gaining popularity in homes. 

Pendant lights are decorative, and they can transform a space while still maintaining their core function, illumination. They come in different sizes and shapes. Given that most pendant lights are alluring, you might be in a dilemma on how to choose the right modern pendant lighting for your home. 

Here are some of the top factors to consider when choosing pendant lights.

1. Purpose of the Pendant Lights

Before buying pendant lights, be clear on the role you want them to play.  Modern pendant lighting can be in different forms: decorative, ambient, task, and accent. It is crucial to understand these functionalities to guide you when selecting your pendant lighting. 

Ambient lighting lights up the entire room gently, while task lights illuminate a targeted area to ensure that you get enough lighting. On the other hand, accent lighting focuses particular design features like art pieces. Decorative pendant lighting is an excellent option if you already have adequate lighting for the spaces.  

These main types of pendant lighting can fit in multiple categories. You can have more than one fixture for increased functionality. Once you understand the roles you want the lighting to play, it will be easier to choose the ideal type. 

2. Know the Types of Pendant Lights Available

How many types of pendant lighting do you know? Well, if you’re familiar with the different pendant lights in the market, you’re better placed to know which design will suit a specific room. The common types of pendant lights include shades, linear, and multi-arm pendant lights. 

Shades pendant lights comprise a bulb or glass shade that is used on the globe for exposure. You can have this type of lighting in your living room or dining hall to create a dramatic effect. The linear pendant lights, on the other hand, are long and thin.

Multi-arm pendant lights resemble the chandelier. They are ideal for over round or rectangle tables. With the right type of modern pendant lighting, your home will have the appropriate balance of sophistication and warmth.

3. Consider the Size

Pendant lights come in different sizes. The choices at your disposal are relatively abundant, and it is crucial to choose the right size for the space you’ll be installing the lighting. Your pendant light size will depend on the bench’s size if its task lighting or room size for ambient lighting.

If you want to have the light as the focal point, go for a large pendant. Alternatively, you can cluster small pendants together to make them appear as one large pendant. 

When it comes to your living space, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Try to get a harmonious balance as overly small lights might also fail to play the intended role. 

4. The Positioning of the Pendant Lighting

Among the modern bedroom lighting ideas that you might want to consider, pendant lamps are a great option. With this kind of light, you can hang next to each other for better illumination and appeal. However, you might want to space your pendants evenly if your room needs overall lighting.

Clustering your pendant lights is also another great technique that you could try. The approach enhances lighting in areas such as stairways. For your kitchen pendant lighting, the positioning might be pretty different depending on the places you want to illuminate.

Being clear on how you want to position the pendant lights in your rooms will guide you in pendant lighting types to buy. It would help consult a lighting expert; especially if you’re a first-timer in these kinds of lighting.

5. Height of the Ceiling 

Habitable rooms often have a ceiling height of at least 7 feet. The ceiling size is a factor that you can’t afford to ignore when shopping for pendant lights. The last thing you want is having to tell anyone visiting your home to mind their head!

If you’re installing lights in an open space, have a 6.89 feet clearance to allow easy walking across the rooms. Clearance is how low the pendants hang from your ceiling. You can have an expert getting you the appropriate measurements to ensure that you have the lights pendants installed correctly. 

Spaces such as the open foyer, living rooms, and bedrooms require a clearance of about 7 feet. For bathrooms, an 8-feet clearance is ideal but for smaller bathrooms, consider 3 feet to ensure that the pendant lights are distant from the bathtub.  

6. Pendant Light Shades

Pendant lights have different shade materials. The type of shade you choose will influence the light emission, which can be either a soft glow or intense lighting. Some of the shade materials to consider for your pendant lighting include stone, wood, fabric, metal, and plastic. 

You can opt for clear glass in areas that you want more light as the material will ensure that light has diffused in different directions. Conversely, shiny metals can create intense light due to the reflection, while fabric pendants emit a soft glow. With plastic pendants, the light will be limited, making them ideal if you want to reduce energy usage.

Pendant Lights Are a Great Addition to a Home 

If you’re thinking of investing in modern lighting that will make a statement in your home, consider pendant lights. With pendant lighting, you’re almost halfway with your interior design. They are highly aesthetic, and they can make your home pretty appealing.

Research widely on the different types and sizes of lighting to know what’s ideal for your home. With the right interior designer, you will never go wrong!

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