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7 Benefits of Having a Low Platform Bed

low platform bed

Are you in the middle of home improvement work? Are you looking to invest in furniture that will last? A low platform bed is an essential feature that can improve your bedroom and sleep.

Research has found issues impacting sleep quality improve when you get a new bed. A platform bed is close to the ground and does not need a box spring to support your mattress. The result is an array of benefits traditional beds snooze on.

Read on to learn the seven benefits of investing in this type of bed. 

1. Control Your Storage Space

As they say, a tidy room equals a tidy mind. Reducing clutter reduces stress and improves the aesthetic of your room. Your bed can make or break how you manage storage space.

If you want to reduce clutter and storage options, a low platform bed will help you cut down on items. Or, you can pick a platform bed with storage space underneath, which helps keep the room tidy without sacrificing storage. You can even build your platform bed frame from scratch to get the storage space design you desire. 

2. A Statement Piece

Forget trying to keep up with bedroom style trends. Invest in a bed that will last a lifetime. A low platform bed is usually made of wood or a mix of materials.

If you are unsure how to work with your space, your platform bed can inspire you. Improve the entire aesthetic of your room with a low platform bed, which is minimal, elegant, and with presence. No matter what wood style you pick, it offers a statement feature in your room. 

You can elevate your entire bedroom with an heirloom bed piece. You can also customize it to add a specific feel to the wood finish. For example, you can pick a bed size, headboard height, and wood finish. 

3. Ready to Go 

After home improvement work or the DIY-adverse, assembling a bed can send shivers down your spine. However, services such as Wilbur Davis Studios offer a white glove delivery. It means you do not have to worry about setting your bed up, as they can easily set it up. 

So receiving your bed can remain a stress-free experience. 

4. A Durable Option

You want your new bed to last a long time, without it breaking and needing replacement. Low platform beds offer a stable and durable option that will last you years and are heirloom pieces with the proper care. 

Take, for example, this low platform bed. It has a high-quality fastener system to lock the bed into place without fear of parts loosening or separating. It is also with an eco-friendly finish, which makes it sustainable for you and the environment. 

Despite how durable, low platform beds are, they maintain a minimal look. It looks lightweight but will not warp, curl, or experience other wear. The platform bed design also offers ventilation for your mattress, which helps improve its lifespan too. 

5. Sleep Soundly 

It does not matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep; the sturdy surface of the bed means it stays even. Everything is leveled, and there is no risk of buckling, which means you can sleep each night soundly.

And for those who like to roll around a lot in their sleep, or for parents who have children who sometimes sleep in the bed, falling out of bed is less of a concern. You are closer to the ground with a platform bed, which helps reduce the risk of falling. 

Sleeping lower also helps you sleep cooler as hot air rises. Avoid feeling uncomfortable on warm nights with a low platform bed. It can also make you feel cozier, as you are close to the ground and more connected to your space.

Most mattresses work well with platform beds too. For example, latex, all-foam, and hybrid models can work well with your new bed due to the support it offers. So a low platform bed can help ensure your sleeping environment improves your chances of a great night’s sleep

6. Help Your Posture

Platform beds offer a lot of support, which is beneficial if you use a memory foam mattress. The surface also helps prevent mattresses from sagging in certain areas. So you can maintain a good posture while sleeping. 

You can also have a headboard on your low platform bed for extra support while relaxing in bed. You can sit comfortably without compromising your posture too much.

Platform beds are also easier to get in and out of, thanks to their height. If you have experienced surgery or an injury, a new bed can support your recovery.  Do not worry about poor posture, mobility issues, or kids struggling to jump in with a low platform bed.

7. A Great Investment 

Platform beds offer a lot of value for their price. Although there is no box spring, you still get many benefits that other frames provide, such as sturdy support. But you also get more benefits with a low platform bed. 

They are simple to take apart if it needs to be moved, thanks to high-quality bolts. So your bed can stay with you for many years and can be passed on to other family members.

Plus, you get unique benefits from the platform bed aesthetic and structure. So overall, a low platform bed offers a long-term investment you can count on. 

Buy a Low Platform Bed 

If you are looking for a new bed or are in the process of home improvement work, it is time to invest in a low platform bed. You will not have to worry about replacing your bed again. And you are guaranteed benefits such as improving your bedroom aesthetic and comfort levels. 

Wilbur Davis Studios offers a range of platform beds, homemade furniture, and other items for your home renovation. For a quality, sustainable, and strong low platform bed, look no further. Contact us today to learn more.