How Handmade Furniture Makes a Space Distinctive and Tailored to You

handmade furniture

Did you know that 25% of consumers agree they’d rather buy unique furniture rather than mass-produced furniture? If you’re in the market for something different when it comes to your furniture, you’re not alone. 

Handmade furniture is a wonderful alternative to mass-produced designs found in every big-box furniture store. With handmade furniture, you’ll get distinctive designs and top quality. 

Mass-Produced Furniture Lacks Distinction

Most mass-produced furniture is made from an inexpensive alternative to wood. This alternative is a medium-density fiberboard (MDF).   While at first glance, the difference may not be obvious, over time, the difference in quality will begin to show, with issues like sagging, loose joints, and peeling veneer. 

Although MDF sometimes has a thin veneer of real wood, more often it’s covered with a veneer of plastic, paper, or even foil.  It’s not that MDF is bad, as it is often a recycled material, but it lacks the natural beauty and timelessness of solid wood handmade furniture. 

If your space is full of mass-produced furniture, it’s hard making it a reflection of you and your personal style. It’s also no fun walking into someone else’s home and realizing they have the same big-box furniture that you’ve got in yours. 

Buying individual pieces of homemade furniture isn’t as expensive as people often think but it offers so much more for your space. It’s much easier to tailor a custom handmade piece of furniture to your unique personality. From the type of wood to the design and colors, there are so many options with handmade furniture.

Making Your Furniture Fit You 

Instead of fitting your style into the existing options of mass-produced furniture, why not make your furniture fit your style? There are only so many different types of furniture available in big-box furniture stores. 

There are limitless designs, colors, and styles available when you’re buying handmade furniture. There’s no need to compromise your style. 

Handmade Furniture: A Better Option

There are many reasons to buy handmade furniture. From quality to sustainability, here, we detail a few. 


Handmade furniture is of higher quality because it’s not run through a manufacturing process in a factory. The artisan making the furniture oversees each and every piece of the furniture.

You Choose the Materials

With furniture made just for you, choose materials that give the look and function that works best for you.  If you want a quality product, start with quality ingredients.  From wood, to hardware, to finish, we insist on quality and sustainability throughout.  If you’re building it yourself, you can adjust plans and materials to suit your needs. 

Distinctive Designs

Whether you have the piece made or you make it yourself, the designs are unique and distinctive. Even if you buy plans for making your own furniture, no two pieces will turn out the same. 

If you decide to make a piece yourself, make sure you’ve had a lot of woodworking experience. You’ll need the right tools and some woodworking knowledge. Making handmade furniture is for an experienced craftsperson.

Participate in the Design Process 

When buying handmade furniture, you’re able to take part in the design process. You can give the artist specifications for size, color, and type of wood. You can bring your furniture dreams to life!

With custom-designed pieces in your home, you won’t have guests mentioning that they have the same furniture at their place. 

Saves Money

It may seem counterintuitive because handmade furniture is often more expensive, but it saves money. Choosing a well-made, timeless piece you can keep for decades, or even pass down to your children makes financial sense. 

Handmade furniture doesn’t break easily like many mass-produced pieces. A carefully considered design doesn’t go out of style like trendy, disposable piece. 

Did you get a small ding in your handmade piece of wood furniture? No problem.  An oil finished piece of solid wood furniture is fairly easy to sand and retouch if needed.  Every antique will bear a few marks that are part of its story.   Damage to veneered furniture is rarely so charming.

Heirloom Quality

A beautiful handmade piece of furniture can last hundreds of years. What starts out as a quality piece of furniture ends up a family heirloom several generations down the road. 

This type of furniture not only retains its value over time, it often increases in value.  Most mass-produced furniture sold in stores will most likely find its way to a landfill. Your handcrafted piece may be a valuable antique in the future.

One-of-a-Kind Furniture Is Art

One-of-a-kind homemade furniture pieces are also works of art. They’re elegant and often conversation pieces. Homemade furniture is a statement piece reflecting your taste in design.  

Supporting Artisans 

When you buy handmade furniture, you’re supporting artisan furniture makers. You help keep the beautiful art of furniture making from becoming a lost art. 

You’re also supporting a local business when you buy handcrafted furniture.  Globalization has affected many small artisan businesses, making it harder for them to sell their goods. 

When you order a custom piece of handmade furniture, you help keep these small artisans in business. This helps local economies too. 

Expert Design and Décor Advice

An artisan furniture maker can help you with design and décor advice as well as making your furniture.  We can help you understand your space and create a design that works well within your space.

If you could use additional help with an overall plan, consider working with an interior designer.  An interior designer can help you choose furniture and decor, colors, and styles that work together and express your personal taste.  


Handmade furniture artisans take pride in the furniture-making process. Experienced professionals concern themselves with making sustainable furniture with FSC-certified lumber. 

They use only the highest quality stains and finishes that are low and zero-VOCs. 

Unique Handmade Furniture Is a Great Choice for Any Home

Handmade furniture is a great choice for any home. The furniture designs are unique and often custom.

Although the initial cost may seem high, qulaity furnishings are a long-lasting investment. You won’t have to worry about replacing your furniture every few years.

Why not invest in your own elegant statement piece of handmade furniture made in Massachusetts?

At Wilbur Davis Studios, we elevate furniture to art. Contact us here for help with your next piece of homemade furniture!