Luxury Bedroom Design: 7 Ways to Make a Bedroom Look Magnificent

luxury bedroom design

Your bedroom is a place of tranquility and calm where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life.

When it comes to making this space more luxurious, there are several things you can do to take your bedroom to the next level.

Read on for a list of seven luxury bedroom design ideas that’ll have your sleeping space going from drab to fab.

1. Elevate with Luxury Lighting

Lighting makes a room, so it’s important to choose high-end, beautiful lighting for a bedroom that will add warmth and calm to this space. Replace old recessed lighting or outdated fixtures with something contemporary and unique.

A gorgeous pendant light or chandelier over the bed creates a stunning focal point in the bedroom. Wall sconces on each side of the bed give you a place to enjoy a book, and you won’t need to get up again to turn the light off before you snooze.

Whatever you decide, elevate the bedroom with high-quality lighting that has unique decorative features. Install a dimmer so you can adjust the level of light to suit your needs and make the room look and feel like a luxurious space.

2. Make Your Bed the Focal Point

Updating your bed can instantly make your bedroom look and feel more high end. Choose a bed with an ornate headboard featuring intricate details like velvet upholstery, nailhead trim, or rhinestone button tufting.

A canopy bed is a gorgeous way to give your bedroom a stunning look. Beautiful bedrooms use the bed as the main focal point, so you want the furniture to be a true centerpiece of the room.

If you’re not into ornate beds, consider swapping to a platform bed. This design is ultra-modern, and it gives the entire room an updated, contemporary vibe.

3. Luxury Bedroom Design on a Budget: Swap Your Hardware

If you’re happy with your current dresser, nightstand, or bedroom cabinet, you can still make this furniture appear more luxurious. Remove old hardware and replace it with something new and chic.

Hardware made of copper or something in a matte black finish can instantly transform the way your furniture looks. Drawer pulls of clear acrylic with metal accents will elevate any furniture to a new, luxurious level.

Shop to find the perfect hardware that will suit your style. Once you find it, you can easily change things up in a matter of minutes for a true bedroom transformation.

4. Luxury Bedrooms Have Layers of Texture

Adding a multitude of textures can transform the look of any room. Bring in a super soft shag area rug or something in a  gorgeous pattern that can add softness, color, and unique style to the bedroom.

Toss some decorative throw pillows on your bed featuring beads or embroidery for a fun touch. A few extra throw blankets are also great if you want to layer on the texture.

Don’t forget to update your window coverings, too. Velvet curtains or draper that reaches from the ceiling to the floor are excellent choices to give your bedroom a lush layered look.

5. Add Accent Furniture

If you have a large master suite, now is the perfect time to bring in some extra pieces of furniture. A bench placed at the foot of the bed with sleek legs and an upholstered seat will give you a feeling of being pampered.

Bring in a sleek vanity and stool, and place it in a corner of the room. Tall floor-length mirrors on a stand give the bedroom a boost of brightness, reflection, and functionality.

A cocktail ottoman with a plush top and hidden storage brings the bedroom a beautiful touch, too. Determine how much extra floor space you have, then choose your accent furniture based on what you have available.

6. Consider a Feature Wall

A key component of luxury bedroom design is the color palette. If you’re not keen on repainting the entire room, a feature wall will give the bedroom a unique, glamorous touch.

Look for textured wallpaper or something in a gorgeous pattern with metallic touches. Apply the wallpaper to just one wall for a visually stunning touch.

Your feature wall can be anywhere in the room, but it looks best on the wall where you plan to place your bed. Stone veneer or shiplap are other beautiful choices for a gorgeous feature wall.

7. Don’t Skimp on Materials

As you think about how to create a luxurious bedroom, keep the details front and center. Instead of plain cotton fabric, consider velvet for bedding, curtains, and headboards.

Purchase furniture that combines materials like wood and metal to give the bedroom a modern, glam vibe. Choose solid wood pieces rather than those made of plywood to impart a quality look and feel.

Crystal table lamps or storage furniture with a solid stone tabletop will easily elevate your luxury bedroom. Take a close look at all of the materials in this room, and look for ways to renew them using items made of a higher quality.

Luxury Made Easy

When you’re ready to give your bedroom an upgrade, consider these luxury bedroom design ideas to give your sleeping space a beautiful new look. Whether it’s updating your lighting or adding accent pieces, a few simple swap outs will make this space lush and unique.

If you’re ready for a major change, a gorgeous feature wall will transform the room and give it a bit of new life, too.

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