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6 Unique Modern Decor Ideas for Your Home

modern decor

As many as seven out of ten Americans planned on redecorating their homes in 2021. Call it the spirit of the new decade or simply a shift in the culture — the point is that it’s not just people moving into new homes who are looking at decoration techniques. But what’s the point of redecorating your home if you’re not sure what’s going on in the world of modern decor?

We understand that not everyone can keep up to date on all of the latest home decoration trends. That’s why we’ve put this article together. 

Keep on reading to find out some of the best ideas you can incorporate to create a truly modern design. 

1. Modernist Revival 

The modernist period of design, art, and architecture of the 1920s changed the way many people thought about the world. Arriving out of the ashes of World War 1 and fueled by new revolutions in the world of machines, people longed for new, fresh styles that reflected their contemporary world. 

In the 2020s, we’re facing a similar situation. The human race is still under the thumb of the COVID 19 Pandemic, but many people believe the end is in sight. The 2020s haven’t gotten to truly show what they’re all about, but many predict that when things do open back up, they’re going to kick off. 

Expect to see lavish, opulent styles come… well… back in style! Culture has been on a simplicity kick for a bit, but the pendulum is about to swing back the other way. Embrace the unnatural, the unhumanist, and the futurism we associate with this era to make a style that truly works. 

2. New Kinds of Rusticism 

Design fashion often works ironically — while development happens starkly in one direction, something completely opposite often happens to develop a well. They’re sometimes found to be flip sides of the same coin. We believe this is what’s happening with new rustic styles. 

At the same time as this modernist revival, many people are rediscovering just how cozy a return to nature can be, exemplified by Dutch hygge culture, and the new internet “cottagecore” aesthetic. 

This is a flip side of the modernist coin, however, because people are seeking to redefine what tradition, nature, and the past mean to them. In the 2020s, adopting a rustic style isn’t regressive at all, it’s helping move fashion forward. 

3. Pendant Lights

Nothing says “2020s” like a pendant light. As stated earlier, the 2020s are going to be partially about reviving past styles — both in fashion and design. 

Chandeliers were once the symbol of lavish opulence in a home. However, the 2020s wish to go beautiful without going over-the-top. Rather than going with a chandelier, go with a pendant light (or multiple pendant lights) to show off your taste. 

Pendant lights come in many shapes and sizes, like our prairie light. The beauty of using a pendant light is that you can pick where they go to create a unique lighting look. You can also hang them at different heights down a corridor to create a whole lighting/design experience. 

(Speaking of which, the word experience is important for all things aesthetic in the 2020s. Businesses and homes alike should strive not to just have great looks but create memorable experiences, which seem to transcend the five senses.)

4. Beauty Everywhere 

Another key element of the 2020s is going to be transforming everyday objects into works of beauty. This follows from the film concept of mise en scenewhere everything within the camera’s focus is considered part of the film’s design. 

Typically “design-y” things, like furniture, lighting, and paint are, of course, going to be your main focuses. However, every little object you keep in your house can create a wonderful atmosphere.

Just check out our wooden tissue box, which represents a certain pinnacle of taking something ordinary and making it wonderful. You can leave this out to go with a rustic look, or paint it during an acrylic painting project to create something moderne. 

Why not take it a step further and add a bit of pleasantness into every part of your home experience? Our curved modern TP holder is the perfect way to spruce up any bathroom. The beauty of it is that it looks hyper-contemporary, but is still made of wood, so it can fit with many styles. 

5. DIY Styles

DIY is more of an ethos than it is a specific style. The do-it-yourself movement originated in punk culture, which emphasized self-reliance and resistance to authority by refusing to buy products. 

However, you don’t need to have this rebellious spirit to make use of DIY ethics yourself. You can simply use them to save yourself some money and take a new level of customization and pride in your design. 

Just take a look at our section of our site devoted to DIY materials you can buy to assemble your very own design. On top of all the other fashion developments, a DIY aesthetic can add a lot. 

6. Ultra Low Beds

One of the next frontiers of contemporary design style is bed height. Some people prefer them to be ultra high — but we recommend getting yourself an ultra-low bed.

These provide a maximum level of comfort and ease in entering and exiting your bed. They also allow a visitor to see more of your room upon first looking at it. 

Make Use of Modern Decor Styles

As you can see, the world of modern decor is largely about reappropriating fashions that were once big in the past. Whether you go with a neo-modernist style or a new type of rustic fashion, you can make use of pendant lights, mise en scene, DIY styles, and ultra low beds to create a wonderfully modern home. 

For more information on creating wonderful modern interior designs, contact us today.