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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We firmly believe that what’s good for the planet is also good for our customers, our families, and ourselves. That’s why we take steps to protect and sustain both the natural world, and the environment inside your home.

Here’s a brief outline of the steps we take to run our small business as sustainably as possible:

FSC Certified Lumber

Wood is a wonderful renewable resource when grown and harvested properly. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization that sets rigorous environmental standards and inspects lumber producers for compliance. Each piece we build starts with high-quality FSC-certified lumber.

If you’d like to learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council, visit:

Zero-VOC and Low VOC Finishes

Since this concern is invisible, it’s an easy one to overlook. Many finishes used on wood products will continue to release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) long after the finish is dry. As a result many products we bring into our homes can create poor air quality through off gassing.

In an effort to protect air quality for ourselves and our customers, we use finishes which have no or low VOCs. The two main finishes we currently use are Rubio Monocoat and M. L. Campbell Agualente.

For some additional information on the dangers of VOCs, visit:

Tree Planting

And last but not least, we plant trees! For each item sold, we plant between 1 and 5 trees (depending on the size of the item) through One Tree Planted. Trees are great for lots of reasons, and we believe it’s critical that we plant many more of them than we use in our work. Our goal is to plant 1000 trees or more each year.