About Us

Wilbur Davis Studios is a design and manufacturing studio based in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

We aim to create furniture and home decor with an almost magical quality, featuring visual lightness, sleek curves, ease of use, and tactile pleasure.   Our goal is to reawaken daily enjoyment through the simple delights of quality surroundings.

Kelly Wilbur and Matthew Davis began collaborating in late 2008.  In addition to a shared love of furniture design and woodworking, we draw from previous experience in sculpture, photography, ceramics, technology, and manufacturing.   We love the hands-on aspect of our work, and it remains a constant source of inspiration to this day.

We began by building objects we desired for our own surroundings.  Occasionally we dreamed of building the great pieces of design we couldn’t afford, but often we envisioned items that simply didn’t exist at all.  Finding ways to make these ideas into objects has been a great and rewarding challenge.  Even now, rediscovery and invention play a big role in our work.

Making great furniture is one thing, and building a business is another.   We’ve found that selling directly to our customers allows us to provide great value on high quality items made of real materials.   Online ordering keeps things simple, so we spend more time woodworking and less on administrative duties.   We love getting to work with customers, whether over the phone, email, or chat.  Great communication can make the difference when a shop visit isn’t possible.

Today we’re proud that our products can be found in homes and businesses around the world.

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16 Benson St.
Fitchburg, MA 01420
United States

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