About Wilbur Davis Studios

Design Company and Woodworking Shop, based in Fitchburg, MA

Wilbur Davis Studios exists in order to help people create the spaces that help them live well, be inspired, and feel at ease. We design our furniture by thinking about the people who will use them for years to come.  We hope our furnishings will make the everyday experience a bit more special.

We began our work on this project in late 2008.   Matthew and Kelly knew they always wanted to make things and help people. We met while working in a retail store, and instantly knew we’d found our other halves. Before long we had a studio and a few tools and had begun collaborating on various woodworking projects.   It took us quite a while to collect the equipment and skills needed to produce the ideas we had in our heads, but we stuck to it, and about 6 years later, we’ve come a very long way.

As we began our early work together, we set out simply to build the things we really wanted. Sometimes we had visions of making the great pieces of design we couldn’t afford, but often enough, we were also envisioning items that simply didn’t exist at all.  Finding ways to make these ideas into objects has been a great and rewarding challenge.

In our work, rediscovery and invention both play a big roll. We’re trying to take the best of the best to make furniture with an almost magical quality.  Visual lightness, sleek curves, ease of use, and tactile pleasure. Our goal is to reawaken daily enjoyment through the simple delights of quality surroundings.

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16 Benson St.
Fitchburg, MA 01420


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