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7 Modern Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Personal Space

modern bedroom lighting

Does your bedroom style feel more abrasive than welcoming? The wrong lighting can make a perfectly decorated space seem unpleasant.

If you want to change the mood in your bedroom, consider a lighting change to achieve the desired atmosphere. Instead of simply illuminating the darkness, your lighting choices set the tone for all the time you spend in your room.

With these seven modern bedroom lighting ideas, your project will change the feel and give your bedroom the relaxing vibe you’re hoping for. Take a look!

1. Set the Mood with Lamps

If you live in a house without enough lighting options, you can create the space and ambiance you want with lamps. Shop for short lamps and tall lamps. The mixture will help you create light in all the places you need it, as well as balancing the room with the right arrangement.

You may have electric switches that control the lamps, so you don’t have to switch each individual one on when you come in a room. Talk to an electrician about the possibility of wiring for this option if it’s absent, or check out a wireless solution.

2. Cove Lighting

At the top of the list of cool lighting ideas is cove lighting, a modern and elegant lighting choice. Also called crown molding with indirect lighting, it gives the room a glow.

The molding is mounted a few inches below the ceiling, rather than where the wall meets the ceiling. Then lights are put between the molding and the ceiling.

With a warm cove light, you can make the room romantic and intimate. With LED color changing cove lights, you can dress up a child or teen’s room to make it more exciting.

Another way to achieve a similar look without any major rewiring or remodeling is to install track lighting. It’s easier to install but still gives you a similar ambiance. For an elegant bedroom style, go with longer lines and sweeping arcs in the decor. Pair the cove lighting with columns, gold motifs, and mosaic details for a classical Roman bedroom.

3. Modern Bedroom Lighting: Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are so different from the ostentatious things of the past, draped in glittering teardrops. Instead, choose a present-day chandelier with a more basic style. The plain lines and simple elegance make a sophisticated piece that’s more fitting for today.

Contemporary lighting ideas like this include farmhouse or industrial chic chandeliers and light fixtures as well. Go with mason jars or Edison bulbs and pipes to complete the look in your home.

4. Sconces

If you’re going for a wall lighting bedroom style, sconces can be a perfect solution. Many modern sconces don’t have the delicate details you think of. Instead, they’re a black or charcoal with a rectangular shape. The plain style looks more contemporary and fits with many different decor styles.

If you’re updating the whole room, even the bed frame and furniture, you can choose sconce styles that match the feel. Look for simple geometric details if you want the most up-to-date style.

5. Pendant Lamps

Hanging lamps from the ceiling isn’t only for restaurants. You can use pendant lighting in your bedroom, too. 

Transform your personal space with choices like upcycled pendants or lantern style pendants. Basket weave or Chinese lantern looks are also popular for this best modern lighting option.

Different sizes of the same style can work hanging next to each other. You can go with any number of pendant lights together, or use just one to accomplish the right feel. The great part about this type of fixture is the mix and match possibilities.

6. Medusa Fixtures

Medusa was the mythological Greek mortal who fell in love with Poseidon. Her hair turned to snakes when she was cursed by Athena. A Medusa style light fixture has curved, snakelike tendrils that point all directions.

Medusa fixtures can be hanging lights, a free-standing lamp, or even a sconce or wall hanging. Modern bedroom light fixtures like Medusa lights are often made of flexible material, which means you can bend them. Point them any direction you choose, and avoid bright lights in your eyes ruining the relaxing quality of the bedroom.

7. String Lights

String lights are a versatile option because there are many colors and styles to match your existing bedroom decor. Tiny fairy lights are a fraction of the size of normal Christmas lights. Rice lights are even tinier, the size of grains of rice.

String light bulbs come colored or white or yellow, hues that help create whatever mood you want in your bedroom. You can even choose string lights with the Edison style bulbs. While they’re a great option for outdoors, string lights also bring the lazy summer night vibe indoors if you install it in the bedroom.

For a very romantic and cozy option, string lights are the way to go. Pair them with a light gray and cream color scheme for a farmhouse vibe, with a comfy throw and chic pillow. Choose more edgy accessories and darker colors if you want a cosmopolitan style.

A Bedroom with Class and Character

When modern bedroom lighting choices become overwhelming, you don’t have to worry. These seven options for classy bedroom impressions will get you started on your journey. Whether you choose cove lighting, a contemporary chandelier, or even string lights, you’ll love the mood in your bedroom.

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