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Decoration Tips: How to Style an Ultra Low Platform Bed in Your Home

ultra-low platform bed

Research shows that 15-30% of adults in America struggle with sleep disorders. Even though there is more awareness about improving your sleep, such as improving the quality of your mattress, there are other aspects to consider. For instance, many people opt for an ultra-low platform bed instead of platform beds. But how do you style a low platform bed with a headboard?

And, is there a way to maintain a beautiful bedroom decor with a low platform bed?

There are hundreds of ways to style your low platform bed while creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the most popular trends for low-platform beds.

Tips for Styling an Ultra-Low Platform Bed

Before we dive into the style tips for this kind of bed design, it’s important to note what a low platform bed is and how it functions differently from a traditional bed frame.

Firstly, a low platform bed frame allows you to sit below the average height of most bed frames. This style of bed will make you lie closer to the ground. Usually, a low platform bed will have a thin box spring mattress.

Whereas typical platform beds get support from wooden slats or other pieces of wood. Most people prefer low platform beds as they take up less space and can be more practical.

Even though both options are suitable for bedrooms, if you decide on having an ultra-low platform bed, these tips will help you make it look fantastic.

A Natural Touch

If you like to feel close to nature and want a bedroom that incorporates organic elements, you should include some plant-inspired artwork, a low platform canopy bed, and soft lighting. 

Whether searching for design inspiration for a client or remodeling your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a nature theme. 

It’s simple and wholesome. Plus, you can throw some organic blankets and cotton sheets to upgrade the bed and provide a comfortable sleeping experience. 

Modern and Spacious

Everyone has a unique personality that is reflected in their bedroom. So, some people enjoy the rustic style of natural space, and others prefer a design style that is modern and spacious. 

You can also use a low platform bed in a modern bedroom. You only need a low nightstand for a platform bed and unique lights to highlight the bed space. 

The low bed frame can serve as the room’s main focal point, and you can include some minor features or keep the space clear for maximum effect. 

Color Blast

Having a low platform bed gives you more space to experiment with, and you have the chance to decorate with lots of colors all over the room!

You can start with hanging colorful curtains by the window, using different color tones for your bed sheets, and even painting the bed frame a bold color. There are so many ways to sprinkle vibrancy into your space

Another great addition is some ceiling lights to emphasize the colors around the room. 

Make It Artistic

When you have a low platform bed, the first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the room is the height of the bed frame.

So, to contrast the low height of the bed, you can hang a beautiful piece of artwork behind the bed. Using the wall behind the bed will draw attention away from the bed frame and make the space appear more prominent. 

Of course, if you’re not interested in busy artwork, you can always choose something more soothing like a night sky. This will set a relaxing tone for sleeping at night. 

Embrace Your Environment  

As one of the main reasons people buy a low platform bed is to simplify their space, there’s nothing better than adding eco-friendly bed sheets and pillows to keep the design laidback

You can also include some recycled furniture around the bed frame to bring more nature into your space.

Design is a crucial component of a bedroom, but the style choice will depend on your overall theme. For instance, if you want a modern and sleek bedroom, a low platform bed is easy and efficient. 

It won’t need to take up an entire room, and you can add some furniture next to it. Alternatively, if you enjoy the outdoors and want to feel like you’re camping in your home, then a low platform bed is also ideal.

You can create that cozy, down-to-earth atmosphere without driving miles into the countryside. And you can still make the space free of clutter by limiting the number of storage units in the area. 

There’s something for everyone with these stunning beds!

Benefits of Low Platform Beds

Some of the main benefits of having a low platform bed are as follows: 

  • Cooler sleeping space 
  • Less clutter
  • Versatile design options
  • Comfortable

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your bedroom and want to find a low platform bed, Wilbur Davis Studios is here for you. Without the right mattress, you can start the exciting journey of designing the space. 

Therefore, you must find a high-quality manufacturer that values comfort and design. At Wilbur Davis Studios, we aim to make everyday things feel magical. And that starts with waking up in the perfect bed. 

Have Sweet Dreams in a Low Bed Made for Comfort

When creating a bedroom that sends you into a peaceful sleep and rejuvenates you for the following day, you need to start with finding the bed that fits your personality. 

Luckily an ultra-low platform bed offers the best of two worlds. You get the option of stylizing the rest of your space without downgrading on comfort. Plus, it’s more practical having the bed closer to the floor. 

Instead of worrying about putting items under the bed and forgetting about them, you can keep your space tidy and clean. Once you browse our collection of low-platform beds, you’ll instantly find one you like.

Trust us. You won’t be able to resist our bed range. 

Take a look and reach out if you want more information on purchasing a low platform bed.