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How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

guest bedroom

People who feel that their homes reflect their personality are 1.5 times more likely to feel happy in their space. If you’re the type of person who likes to have visitors and wants to create the perfect guest bedroom, it needs to be personal. 

You need to consider everything from the room decor to the guest bedroom furniture if you want to have a coherent theme. Depending on the size of the room, you’ll need to rearrange items and think about the layout. 

To help you get inspired, read this article and discover ways to decorate a guest bedroom, so your visitors feel comfortable and cozy. 

Decide on a Guest Bedroom Theme

If you’ve spent time on social media recently, you’ll have noticed that there has been more attention to guest bedroom posts than ever before.

The most-watched video in the Architectural Digest Open Door series has 52 million views. As more people are fascinated with scrolling for decor ideas, it’s essential that you pick the right theme for your guest bedroom. 

You want to make the space personal and inviting, so guests feel at home when they stay at your house. 

Cozy Cottagecore

It’s hard to ignore the beautiful decor in cottages and rural homes; it instantly evokes a feeling of calm. The fashion industry, as well as interior designers, are using more pastel tones to convey cottagecore lifestyle trends. 

This “cottagecore” trend is a movement towards old-fashioned design elements such as tapestries, soft rugs, and dried flowers. In contrast to the busy online world, cottagecore decoration is ideal for relaxation. 

Soft pastel tones and woolen blankets are guaranteed to make your guests feel like they are on vacation.

Neutral Minimalism

Minimalism is another trend that is rising in the interior design world. The best way to achieve a minimalist aesthetic is to decorate in neutral tones and have soft lighting. 

Various guests use guest bedrooms, so a minimalist theme is ideal for versatility. You can host children, adults, or couples. This allows you to add personal details for each guest that stays. 

You can also include sculptures and subtle textures that bring the space to life.

As long as the space is free from clutter and simple, your guests can unpack their clothes and feel at ease.

Colorful Space

A guest bedroom is an excellent opportunity to showcase your design talent. Furniture options will set the tone for the rest of the space, so you want to ensure you buy a high-quality guest bed. 

Colorful artwork and vibrant paint colors will give your guests a memorable stay at your home. You can pick artwork that is bold and reflects your creative personality. 

Another option is to contrast different textures in the wallpaper and curtains. This is a good way to surprise your guest and allows you to have fun with decorating. 

How to Choose Furniture for the Space

Choosing the furniture for your guest bedroom should be the first thing you do when decorating this area. You need to have the basic furniture elements if you want your visitors to relax. 

But the most important furniture piece in the room is the bed. It’s always challenging for people to fall asleep in a new environment, so you want to make the bed as comfortable as possible. 

You should invest in a high-quality mattress that can fit in the bedroom. Before you make a purchase, you should measure the floor space and check that bed is big enough. 

Storage and Lighting

Once you’ve decided on the furniture, you’ll need to think about the storage options. 

If your guests come from a long distance, they will most likely bring a few bags. You can either provide a set of drawers or an entire wardrobe. 

It’s better to have a large area so you can host several people. Then, you’ll have to add cozy chairs and lighting. 

After a long journey, your guests will want somewhere to rest and read a book. A popular choice for cozy chairs is a hanging chair that can be placed near a window. 

This way, your guests can enjoy the morning sunlight from their bedroom. 

Lighting is also vital for your guests. You should always have a nightstand light and a main light so visitors can walk around the room at night. The nightstand light can be a little more decorative. 

For example, if you want a cozy atmosphere, you can look for a wooden lamp. And you can get a wooden ceiling light to match so your decor is consistent. 

Make the Guest Bedroom Personal

The personal details are what your guests will remember when they stay overnight. A great tip for welcoming new visitors is having a tray of baked goods in the space.

You can leave a batch of cookies or a lit candle, so the room smells homely when they walk in. Likewise, you should consider practical features. 

It’s important that you have at least one mirror in the bedroom for guests. You can hang a wall mirror or place a smaller mirror in the bathroom.

Books, tea, and other treats are good ways to make people feel welcome. You can also place a vase of fresh flowers on the nightstand table if it’s spring or summer. 

In winter, you can change the decor to reflect the festive period. The main thing is that you have fun with the decorating process! 

Change the theme for different seasons, invest in new furniture, and make your guest a priority when purchasing any items.

Buy the Best Products for Your Guest Bedroom

You can look at all the decor ideas in the world, but your guest bedroom must represent your style. Even though it’s important to include practical elements like a mirror or nightstand table. 

Small details like paintings or stacks of books are what make the difference between a guest bedroom and a hotel. 

Invest in the best products and upgrade your guest bedroom today. Order from our website and give your guests the experience they deserve.