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Need Something New? Accent Your Home With Modern Pendant Lighting

modern pendant lighting

Did you know that pendant lamps probably go back to Ancient Greece? People would hang animal fats and perfumes in clay pots with wicks—essentially hanging candles.

Since then, pendant lights have appeared in people’s homes and sometimes workplaces in various configurations—as we’ll discuss here.

Some pendant lamps are as simple as a light bulb suspended from an electrical cord, others have intricate designs and decorations, and many are beautiful in their simplicity. There is a pendant light for every taste.

This article focuses on modern pendant lighting as a trend that suits us well, as we spend more time at home and want to make the spaces we dwell in cozy and reassuring.

What Is Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lighting consists of one or more lights in an area hanging from the ceiling (or sometimes wall brackets) by cords, chains, rods, etc. In this way, individual lights are connect to electrical wiring above the ceiling.

Many pendant lamps are merely light bulbs surrounded by attractive shades. They are suspended from the cord, one inside the other.

If used in an open area, pendant lamps should be hung high enough that someone won’t knock them with their head when walking past.

Benefits of Pendant Lighting

Besides all our decorative ideas about pendant lighting, we also enjoy it due to its convenience. Unlike table lamps, which take up needed space, pendant lamps hang from above. Some can even be raised and lowered as more or less light is required.

And, in contrast to ceiling lights and recessed lighting, pendant lamps can shine directly on your workspace instead of diffusing light throughout an entire room.

Yet, few people notice these advantages because hanging lamps are so distinctive that it’s hard to resist admiring their beauty and uniqueness.

Modern Pendant Lighting

Modern pendant lighting could represent any era in furniture design, or it could be something you’ve never seen before. Let’s just say that there is a pendant lamp to complement virtually any room and any of today’s interior design styles.

Pendant Lights in Kitchens

Kitchens are incredibly well suited for hanging lamps. The fewer objects cluttering the countertops, the safer and more convenient it is to prepare food. Plus, as it generally hangs directly over the work area, a pendant lamp makes excellent lighting for kitchen tasks.

The pendants should hang low enough to light the surface yet high enough to not be in the way. We consider an ideal range to be 30 to 36 inches above the surface.

Pendant Lights for Dining Rooms

As with chandeliers, dining rooms are typical places to find pendant lighting. There could be one large or several small hanging lamps directly over the dining table, usually at the room’s center.

Whether the light is direct or diffused by a shade, pendant lamps in dining rooms shine directly on the meal and those gathered for it. Can you imagine anything more unifying than that?

Pendant Lights for the Living Room

A very attractive way to use pendant lights in a living room is to suspend them in front of the windows. Doing this not only makes your home appealing from the outside but also provides additional light after sundown.

Hallway Pendant Lights

You might not think of high-traffic areas like hallways as being the best places for pendant lights. But if they’re hung high enough, they light the passageway quite well.

If the ceiling isn’t suitable for these lights, you should consider wall-mounted pendant lighting. These wall lights are more elaborate sconces than actual pendant lights—though some do dangle from their wall mounts.

Pendant Lights in Bathrooms

Many bathrooms have sconces to light vanities or pedestal sinks. Pendant lamps are an up-and-coming trend, though. Their light falls directly onto someone’s head or face, instead of shining across the room or toward the ceiling.

If the vanity area has a long countertop, the room can support two pendant lamps. We believe this is a nice look for a bathroom.

Bedside Pendant Lights

Do you ever wake in the middle of the night, reach for the bedside table lamp, and accidentally knock it over? Using hanging lights in place of (or to supplement) table lamps takes care of that problem. And they highlight nearly any bedroom’s design.

Pendant lamps make great bedroom accent pieces. Many pendant lamps are large and bright, so no worries about not having enough reading light. You can also install a bedside switch to turn them on and off.

Hanging or suspended Lamps for Home Offices or Workshops

Did someone mention pendant lamps being the ideal task lamps? Think about how clear your desktop would be without a clip-on task lamp using that valuable real estate.

A pendant lamp could hang over your desk. Or, you might choose an adjustable pendant lamp that sits on a floor base and has an adjustable extension rod. That way, your work gets its light from either the side or the back, not the desktop.

Many home workshops already have pendant lamps hanging over the work area to remain clear of potentially dangerous machinery underneath. The modern-day version of these work lamps hearkens back to industrial lighting from the 1930s.

Pendant Lights Are Not That Hard to Install

Don’t put off your new pendant lighting project because you’re nervous working with electrical wires. DIY is possible, but if you lack experience, you should hire an electrical technician.

The job usually takes less than an hour for a single lamp, especially if there’s an available junction box.

Pendant Lighting Can Save Energy

Did you know that modern pendant lighting can save energy? If placed at a distance from other lights and shines directly on a single area, a pendant lamp can help prevent high-energy ceiling lights’ overuse.

Moreover, today’s long-lasting and energy-conserving LED bulbs are widely available and can be enlisted to make pendant lights even more sustainable.

What’s That Beautiful Object Above You?

We believe pendant lighting improves the look of most homes. These hanging lamps are both eye-catching and practical. They give an impression of sophistication.

Unlike recessed lighting or track lighting, pendant lighting is meant to be looked at, enjoyed, and admired. Even if you use multiples of the same design, that design still has its unique character.

Wilbur Davis Studios offers many modern pendant lights with solid wood details to help you bring luxury and function to your home. Indeed, all our furniture products make lasting impressions. Tell us what interests you.