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Platform Bed With Storage: Ultimate Guide To Choosing a Platform Bed

Your bedroom should be an oasis where you go to relax, unwind, and wake up rested. And at the center of that oasis is your bed. Not only should it be comfortable, but it should be aesthetically pleasing and functional. Choosing the right bed is essential.

What bed can capture all of these needs? A platform bed with storage is the best choice whether you’re completely redesigning your room or simply looking to replace your bed.

Wilbur Davis Studios crafts beds that are as beautiful as they are functional. Learn more about our platform beds in this platform bed buying guide that come with built-in storage and why they’re the superior choice for your bedroom.

What is a Platform Bed?

Let’s start with the basics. A platform bed is a type of bed frame that is built in a way that they don’t require a box spring. This means you can place your mattress directly on the bed frame and it will still be supported.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a box spring on this type of bed if you want to add some height to your bed. People love platform beds because they’re comfortable and practical.

And because they come in a variety of styles, you can easily find one that matches your bedroom decor and design.

Benefits of a Platform Bed

As previously said, a platform bed doesn’t require the use of a box spring, which is a major benefit for many people. Not needing a box spring can save you money, but it can also look better aesthetically.

Platform beds are also durable and sturdy, which allows them to last for years to come. A platform bed with storage built-in can provide you with a  space to keep sheets, pajamas, or other bedroom needs hidden away. A twin platform bed with storage can be a great place for kids to keep their toys.

Pairing a Mattress With a Platform Bed

Because the bed supports the mattress, you can use any kind of mattress with it. However, there are some mattresses that pair better with platform beds than others.

Mattresses made from foam, latex, or memory foam tend to work best with a platform bed. You can use a spring mattress, but they’re often more comfortable paired with a box spring. But know that platform beds have the flexibility to work with a variety of mattresses.

Popular Style of Platform Beds

Platform beds don’t have just one look, so you’ll be able to find the perfect bed style for your room. A solid platform bed has a solid base that has no space to put anything under the bed. But if you don’t want to lose under-the-bed storage, you may choose to opt for a platform bed with storage.

There are also platform beds that have headboards and footboards, only headboards, or neither. Another popular style is a floating platform bed, which has support in only the center, which gives the appearance that the bed is floating.

Wood Platform Beds

Wood is a popular material used for platform beds because it’s sturdy and durable. A wood finish also adds a natural accent, which can add a lot of warmth to a room. Wood is also incredibly timeless, so this bed will always look stylish in the room.

The addition of built-in drawers will allow you to hide away linens, clothes, or accessories without ruining the aesthetic of your room.


Cherry wood has a beautiful reddish-golden appearance that feels warm as well as both classic and modern. The wood grain adds texture and the mid-tone color easily pairs with a variety of designs.

Ebonized Walnut

For anyone who likes the sleek modern look, the ebonized walnut platform bed is the best choice. The black finish is absolutely stunning for a minimalist design.


This traditional walnut is a stunning brown wood that will create a cozy aesthetic. Choose this walnut finish if you have a more classic design taste.


The maple bed has a lovely lighter-golden finish. This lighter shade of wood is in line with current modern trends and does well to create a light and airy aesthetic.


Mahogony is another mid-toned wood that is often loved for its durability. This finish can work well in both traditional and modern home decor. It’s warm and cozy, the perfect qualities for a bed. 

Where to Use Our Platform Beds

Our platform beds with storage are the perfect option for your main bedrooms, including the primary bedroom, guest rooms, and older children’s rooms. The under-bed storage is perfect for keeping the chaos of daily life under control.

The Cuvée daybed is the perfect option for younger children or for a guest room that may also double as an office. Use the platform bed No. 3 in a modern home design, as it looks like the bed is floating. And the platform bed No. 1 is a simple and sleek design that’s ideal for your minimalist homes.

However, these are only suggestions. You can use any of our platform beds in any room in the house. The simple, modern designs fit well within any interior stye. The classic wood finish paired with the durability of the material will allow this bed to last for years to come and even be passed down to the next generation.

The Best Platform Bed With Storage

The right bed can make all the difference in your bedroom design and for your nightly rest. A platform bed with storage from Wilbur Davis Studios provides you with a beautiful and luxurious bed with built-in functionality.

Build your bedroom design around a platform bed or use it to accent the rest of your decor. The extra storage will be a major benefit in keeping your room neat so you can show off your bedroom’s design.

Your bedroom could use a transformation. Choose pieces from a small, handcrafted studio to give your home some character. Browse our collection of platform beds and other bedroom furniture to give your home a refresh.