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What Are the Best Types of Lights for Your Bedroom?

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Long before Thomas Edison patented the incandescent light bulb in 1879, British inventors had demonstrated that electric light was a possibility. The first constant electric light was actually demonstrated as early as 1835! From there, scientists worked on the incandescent lamp.

These early types of lights had incredibly short lifespans and were much too expensive to produce. Scientists played around with the bulb’s filament and atmosphere to try and prolong the lifespan of the lamp. This is where Edison and his team come into the picture.

Edison focused on improving the filament and tried various different materials until he ended up with a carbonized filament of uncoated cotton thread. A lightbulb using this filament could last for 14.5 hours, and using this breakthrough, Edison continued his research. In the end, Edison and his team came up with a filament made from bamboo that became the standard for the next ten years.

With all these breakthroughs and different types of lights available, it can become tricky when you’re buying lights for a specific room. Luckily this guide can help you decide which bedroom lights will work best for you.

Go Full Out on Bedside Lamps 

When you’re designing a bedroom and considering bedroom lights, the overhead light won’t be the main attraction. Very few people want their bedroom overhead lights on while they’re lounging in bed or getting ready to go to sleep. Instead, people turn their bedside lamps on to give them needed light without blinding them.

When you’re in your bedroom during the day, you’ll most likely use the natural light that comes in through your windows, so all in all, your overhead light won’t be used much. So you can really spend some time and money finding the perfect bedside table lamps that match your room design and aesthetic to a t.

You also need to ensure your bedside lamp doesn’t emit blue or white light, as it can disturb your sleep; instead, you should opt for a warm, soft color. The warm light will help you relax and can help you sleep better as it doesn’t disturb your circadian rhythm.

Sconces Are Great for Sharing

Sconces are an elegant solution if you don’t want a bedside lamp to take up space on your nightstand. You’ll still get the same amount of light as you would from a bedside table lamp without needing to sacrifice the space.

Sconces are usually used in more formal spaces, but they can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the right space. Wall sconces offer great reading light, and if you have independent switches, then each person in the room can control their own side. This means your significant other won’t need to deal with your lamp shining in their eyes all night.

Pendant Lights for a Statement

Pendant lights can become a statement piece in the right bedroom. These lights can come in a variety of shapes and are made out of various different materials, so the right light can easily change the feel of the room. Pendant lights can be used as an accent to pull the room together, as the light doesn’t need to be on to be seen.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights, or string lights, not only add texture and patterns to your room, but it also adds a feeling of whimsy. These lights won’t offer as much light as a bedside lamp but can be used in conjunction with other lights to add to the cozy feeling of the room.

While fairy lights are often associated with children’s rooms, they can do wonders in an adult’s bedroom if they are used correctly and in the right colors. 

Flush Mount Lights

If you’re looking for a light without any frills, you simply need it to do its job; then a flush-mounted light might be the right type for you. This type of light is attached to the ceiling and provides light in all directions of the room.

Flush mount lights work exceptionally well in rooms where the ceiling is lower, and you don’t have space for a hanging light. These lights are also useful if you’re exceptionally tall and tend to hit your head on most hanging lights.

Consider Custom Lighting Designs

If you’ve looked at all your options and still haven’t found a single design that speaks to you, you might need to take it a step further. By opting for a custom lighting design, you’ll be able to speak directly with designers and manufacturers to create your lights.

While this option might be more expensive, it is the only way to get the exact lighting you have been dreaming about. The team you work with will also be able to guide you to ensure your lights are practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Different Types of Lights for Your Bedroom

With the different types of lights available today, it can be challenging to find the right type for your bedroom. You want to create a peaceful sanctuary where you can leave all your baggage at the door and get some rest. The lighting you choose will go a long way to help you create this space.

Feel free to contact Wilbur Davis Studios regarding any lighting and design questions you may have. We strive to create furniture and decor that will give you daily enjoyment, so come and take a look at our lighting options today!