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What to Know About Low Platform Beds, Featuring Our No. 4 Bed and Ultralow Bed

Did you know that 75% of Americans report having sleep problems a few nights per week or more? Getting good sleep at night is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your health. Because of this, some sleep-deprived individuals looked to the benefits of low platform beds to help them nod off and catch those precious zs.

You may not know this, but not sleeping well is more than a nuisance. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, obesity, diabetes, depression, anxiety, and more.

If you have been dealing with low-quality shut-eye, you may have thought about buying a new mattress or box spring. But what about taking your mattress lower to the ground? Read on to learn how low-platform beds can change the way you sleep for the better!

What Is a Platform Bed?

The platform bed, sometimes called a cabin bed, has a low-profile frame that holds a mattress. Platform beds often have a lower profile than most conventional box springs and bed frames, and their height ranges from 5 to 12 inches.

The platform bed has the ability to let owners sleep well at night on their mattress without the need for a box spring. Also, platform beds can afford a headboard, footboard, and extra storage drawers at the foot or under the bed, dependent on which bed style you’re considering.

When furnishing a bedroom, our ultra-low bed boasts the smallest possible bed height, keep the mattress off the ground, and provide enough room for airflow. In a finished attic, a room with low ceilings, or any other area where you need a low-profile bed, this piece works well.

Benefits of Low Platform Beds

Platform beds have many advantages for sleepers. First, platform beds are more ergonomic and cost-effective than other types of beds. They are also quite compact, making them perfect for apartments or small bedrooms with minimal storage space available.

Platform beds with slats provide for versatile comfort customization because the slats may be changed to better suit different sleeping preferences. Better airflow and breathability for the mattress are also made possible by these slats.

Solid platform beds, on the other hand, are preferable for supporting sleepers with larger body weights. Here are a few more advantages of low-platform beds:

You Will Sleep Cooler

Being closer to the ground can help you sleep in cooler temperatures.  Since heat is less dense than cool air, it rises, warming the air as it rises in a confined space.

Despite changes in air temperature, the floors in our homes often remain cool to the touch. We are more likely to enter REM sleep and deep sleep, the two most regenerative stages of sleep, when we are sleeping in a cooler, and more comfortable position.

It’s More Cozy

You may feel snug and at ease in bed if you are sleeping nearer to the ground. We often feel more a part of our surroundings and less alone when we are closer to the ground.

This fosters a tranquil, quiet atmosphere that may facilitate easier and more restful sleep all night long. You might feel cozier and experience more relaxation at night in a low-profile bed like our No. 4 bed.

A low-profile bed frame is more accessible, so your children and pets will also enjoy it because they can hop in right beside you. Also, you won’t ever have to worry about the risk of falling out of bed because you are closer to the ground.

Upgrades Your Style to Minimalist and Modern

You can enhance your style to a more contemporary, sleek appearance by choosing a bed with a low platform. A low-profile bed is less obtrusive and opens up a smaller space in terms of design.

Over the past few years, lower beds have gained popularity for their modern, minimalist design. And if you get a sturdy base, you won’t even require a box spring.

Allows for Easier Mobility

It will be simpler for you to get into and out of an ultralow bed. The habit of sitting up in the morning and swinging your legs over the side of your bed is no longer a concern. An ultralow bed makes getting in and out of bed easy.

Types of Beds 

If you are considering a platform bed, there are several options available to you. Here are the types to consider:

Slatted Platform Bed

The slatted platform bed consists of a frame with side rails to support several slats, which serve as the basis for your mattress, as opposed to a solid surface foundation. Often, these slats can be adjusted to accommodate different sleeping preferences. For instance, the slats can be adjusted to provide more give and softness in the new bed or more firmness and support in the mattress by moving them closer together.

Slatted platform beds ensure a cozy and pleasant sleeping environment by providing adequate air circulation for your mattress. The majority of slatted platform bed types are pretty affordable, though they may not support all types of mattresses.

Metal Platform Bed

The components of the metal platform bed include a metal frame, stiff secondary steel, and support wire arranged in a grid pattern to give the mattress its needed support. In comparison to most slatted platform beds, metal platform beds give more support for your mattress, are often more durable, and have superior resistance to normal wear and tear.

Most of the metal platform beds you find should support a typical box spring. Metal platform beds are often more pricey than slatted platform beds due to the stronger materials.

Solid Platform Bed

A solid platform bed, in contrast to slatted and metal platform beds, is comprised of a solid, flat surface that supports your mattress. Often wooden or laminate, this type of platform bed lacks slats and rests lower to the ground than metal and slatted versions.

Are You Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep? 

Are you dreaming of deep, peaceful sleep but thinking it is out of reach? If so, low platform beds may be your answer.

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