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Why Wood Bed Frames Are the Best Choice for You

Are you searching for a new bed frame for your mattress?

Have you just moved to a new city and are looking to find a stylish but sturdy option to form the centerpiece of your bedroom?

There are a variety of choices that you can make when it comes to purchasing your bedframe. Many materials have been sourced for efficiency and durability. But we believe that wooden bed frames are the best choice for most people.

In this article, we will walk you through why we think wood bed frames stand out as the best option for the average homeowner or apartment renter. Read on, and you’ll learn why going with would may be the best choice for you.

Why Does a Bed Frame Even Matter?

The bed frame is one of the most overlooked pieces of furniture when furnishing a new home. Most people tend to think about the importance of the mattress to their sleeping habits and overall health. The bed frame becomes an afterthought that is secondary to the style and size of the mattress.

But why is this? After all, your bed frame should outlast your mattress if it is sturdy and well built. Of course, it is important to choose a mattress that is right for your sleeping needs, however, your purchase of a bed frame is just as important to your health over the long term.

Remember, you’re spending approximately one-third of your life sleeping in your bed. Because of this, it makes sense to spend up to improve the things related to where you are spending your time. This means that your mattress and bed frame and the quality of your sleeping quarters should not be overlooked.

The bedframe has the ability to set the tone for the design characteristics of your bedroom. You can choose a minimalist style that can go unnoticed, or you can make a big statement that demonstrates that the bed is the primary focus of the design of the room.


One of the most important features in any bedframe that you purchase will be its sturdiness and durability over the long term. This is the primary determinant of quality.

The reason is that a well-made and sturdy bed frame if it is properly cared for, can last for decades up to a lifetime. Many antique bed frames continue to be passed down from generation to generation.

The modern wooden frames that are available for purchase are very firm and durable by default. They are designed to remain sturdy over the long term, and able to endure moves between rooms in the house and between houses over your lifetime. A wooden bed frame can handle the common bumps and insults from your everyday life as you move around the room.

Going with a wooden bed frame also allows you to modify and update the bed frame over time if you feel that durability is being compromised. You can make easy modifications to the wooden frame in ways that you couldn’t with metal or other materials.


One of the reasons that wooden bed frames are becoming popular again is that people have become fed up with their bed frames creaking in the night.

Metal bed frames have enjoyed much popularity in recent decades, but the fact of the matter is that they are creaky and loud compared to sturdy wooden frames.

The joints and junctions in a wood frame are well supported and usually don’t need to require the presence of metal that can grind and squeak.

Having a simple construction with thick wood prevents small noises from appearing over time.

If your priority is a good night’s sleep, finding a bed frame that lacks noise should be one of your primary concerns. Wooden bed frames represent the best option for reducing this distraction and saving you from sleep headaches.

Design Options

The great thing about wooden frames is that there are nearly an infinite array of stylings and finishes for them. Wooden materials can be stained and then re-stained over again to match the aesthetic of the room. If you want to change the color of your room after a few years, you can easily re-stained the bed frame to continue to make a design statement.

You can also choose to go beyond staining the wood with regular wood paint for different colors. This is something that you simply can’t get with many other bedframe materials.

The ability to have a diverse array of design options that can be updated and modified over the years is one of the primary benefits of choosing wood.

There is also something to be said for the appearance of the wood grain. If you are looking to have a feeling of originality when you step into the bedroom, wood communicates that the items in the room have withstood the test of time. It is noted as a design element to make the viewer feel at home and feel that they are in a safe location that has sheltered other people for a long time.

Avoiding Rust

Of course, metal frames are far more likely to rust over time. Wooden designs in a bed frame will never rust. This also helps to improve the longevity and durability of your frame.

Wood Bed Frames at Wilbur Davis Studios

At the end of the day, wood bed frames are a natural choice for any individual looking for optimal sleep and a durable investment in the long term. Wood has many advantages over metal and other materials and is returning in popularity because of its diverse design properties that can be updated over time.

At Wilbur Davis Studios, we create modern fine furniture for the discerning eye. Our wood bed frames are second to none and we happily work with clients to develop bedroom furniture that simply works for them.

If you are interested in our bed frames or other furniture, please contact us today and we will be happy to discuss which of our products might be right for your home.