Bentwood Towel Bar



This modern design is made by laminating many layers of hardwood and pressing them in a form to create gentle curves.  The finishing technique we use is based on traditional methods used to finish the woodwork on boats and will hold up to wet towels for many years.

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With all of our designs, we take pride in finding ways to make installation and assembly simple and giving a sturdy result . These towel bars are no exception!

The unique mounting system makes it simple to install on any wall with just 4 screws. The brackets attaching the bar to the wall are milled from 1/8″ steel and coated with a protective finish.

We also include the needed screws and anchors to attach it to your wall. Just let us know if it will be mounted on plaster, drywall, or tile and we’ll make sure you include exactly what you need!

Once the easy installation is done, the 4 fasteners are elegantly hidden by solid wood caps. The caps are firmly held in place by rare earth magnets. No tiny set screws or hex wrenches.

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Wood Species Information

Oak Cherry Walnut Beech
Oak is a domestic hardwood. It has a lot of character: open grain which can be almost holographic, rings, rays, and contrasting grain. Cherry is a domestic hardwood. It has a beautiful warm tone, some characteristic mineral streaking, and will naturally darken over time. Walnut is a very dark wood with open grain. That grain has often contains some iridescent figure. Beech has a warm, almost pinkish color, subtle beauty, and extremely straight grain.    It is extremely well-suited to bending.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 3 × 3 in
Wood Species

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10", 12", 18", 24", 36"


Satin, Gloss

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