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What Is a Daybed and Do You Need One?

what is a daybed

In 2021, the daybed market size was a whopping USD 5.41 billion, and predictions are that it will only grow. There is no mystery to their popularity because their functionality is unlike any other furniture you can find.

You can put a daybed in any room and reap amazing benefits with it. But what is a daybed, and why should you consider buying one?

There are a ton of great daybed benefits. Keep reading for the full scoop!

What Is a Daybed?

It is a hybrid, between a bed and a sofa. It does not have parts that move, like a futon. Instead, it usually has a twin mattress, which is 38 inches in width and 75 inches in length, that sits on a platform or slats.

There are some daybeds that could accommodate a full-size mattress, measuring 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. Most daybeds are in the range of nine to 14 inches high, which is the distance between the floor to the top of the mattress. The height of the frame, however, varies from 22 to 28 inches.

A spring mattress is best to put on a daybed frame. If you were to use a memory foam mattress as a couch, it may sink too much.

A Long-Standing History

Daybeds have served as important pieces of furniture in home decor since ancient Egypt. The Romans and the Greeks would enjoy reclining on a daybed during social activities. For this same purpose, Europe favored them too. 

In China, daybeds would elevate an honored guest with their small platform design. Later, they became seating for Japanese and Chinese homes. Eventually, the daybeds in China were so ornate they would resemble tiny, freestanding rooms.

Daybed Benefits

For a small living space, it can be a smart solution. It is more elegant to have a daybed than a futon, even though they serve the same function. It is ideal when you need furniture that you can lounge on during the day and nap in the afternoon.

The challenge with sleeper sofas and futons is that you must pull them out to set them up. Once you complete the setup, they can take up a lot of space. Not only that, but they can be uncomfortable.

Easy to Customize

If you want to give your room a simple makeover, changing the linen on the daybed is a simple way to do it! Also, if you want it to match your current décor, it is easy to choose linens that match the style of the room it is in. You can even choose a linen that matches your personal style.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Daybeds have a longstanding reputation for their functionality. Because they are multi-functional furniture, they are ideal for a child’s room. For instance, if they have a sleepover with a friend, it is easy to accommodate extra bed space.

Comfort That’s Reliable

You get consistent comfort with a daybed. If you were to opt for an air mattress, sleeping on the air mattress would cause it to leak air during the night, and you could lose some support. A daybed, however, keeps its comfort all night long.

The comfort and quality you get from a daybed are based on the mattress you choose. Choose an excellent mattress, and you can never go wrong!

Offers a Ton of Variety

While it may not move like a futon, you can still get plenty of options. Daybeds can come with movable backrests. This lets you customize where it sits.

Because a daybed does not need to be consistently opened and closed, you will not experience typically wearing that can happen with constant compression. Daybeds are easy to move and easy to store where you want them.

Storage Compartments Available

Some daybeds can have a storage compartment underneath them. Specifically, you can store stuffed animals, toys, pillows, and blankets in their compartments. It is a great way to declutter!

More Aesthetically Pleasing

Futons can work well as a sofa. However, they will not make the room look as sharp. Daybeds usually have three open sides. This makes them appear to be a deep sofa.

There are endless opportunities to stylize them, too.

Beauty, Style, and So Much More

Sleeper sofas and futons do not have a reputation for being the prettiest pieces of furniture on the market. Daybeds are more appealing to the eye, and you are free to stylize them in any manner your heart desires.

Even the frame can come in brass or wood. The frame of the daybed can also come in any color you would like. 

Do you like antiques? Would an antique-style daybed complete your décor? Daybeds come in an antique style!

Perfect For Any Room

You can add a daybed to a spare room, office, or guest room. Luckily, unless you actively use it as a bed, it does not need to look like one. Furthermore, setup time is simple, whereas sleepers and futons take time.

More Affordable

Daybeds are a better buy and are generally more affordable than a sleeper sofa and a futon. A daybed requires less assembly too. Plus, daybeds are easier to move because they are lighter weight than sleepers and futons.

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